These are some of the wonderful testimonials we have received from our previous customers.

“Our son really enjoyed attending the Cellfield sessions and completing the small
homework activity. We instantly noticed an improvement in his reading and confidence and this has continued to grow. We would thoroughly recommend the programme.”

“Cellfield has given my daughter a new-found confidence to read. She now enjoys reading and her comprehension has greatly improved.”

“It has had a massive impact on my child. Although it is still difficult to get him to start, he is now fluent and enjoys the story.”

Mr and Mrs Fox (October 2018)

Mrs White (December 2018)

Mrs Leech (September 2018)

“I noticed a positive change in my child within a few days and after the reassessment, I am amazed at the results.”

“The results speak for themselves! My sonโ€™s passage comprehension went up by 4 years at the end of the programme and his reading accuracy went up by 3 years.”

“Amazing results, thank you! Jamesโ€™ comprehension is now above average and he is enjoying school.”

L Russell (14th โ€“ 25th Feb 2019)

Mrs Langlands (14th โ€“ 25th Feb 2019)

Mrs Sanderson (Feb 2019)