Procedure for a Diagnostic Assessment


Step 1) Telephone 01277 726014 to speak to Carol Shepherd directly.  Alternatively, e-mail


Step 2) Discuss with Carol about making a provisional booking for a diagnostic assessment, usually for approximately 6 – 8 weeks’ time.  


Step 3) The initial fee of £50 is required to proceed at this stage.  A Visual Difficulties Form and a Diagnostic Assessment Questionnaire, required for the background of the report, will be sent to you.


Step 4) Check that you/your child has had a recent sight and hearing test.  If necessary, book further test(s). 


Step 5) Liaise with your school/college SENCO about the planned diagnostic assessment.  Ask for a copy of recent schoolwork and an up-to-date report.


Step 6) Print off and complete the background forms.  Send them to Carol Shepherd, Cellfield Essex Dyslexia Centre, 70 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Essex, CM15 8NB.  Alternatively, the Background Questionnaire can be scanned/photographed and returned by e-mail.


Step 7) Carol will contact you to arrange the diagnostic assessment appointment (usually within a few days of receipt of the questionnaire and initial fee.)  The fee of £500 for the Diagnostic Assessment and Report is required at this stage.


Step 8) At the end of the assessment, brief feedback only will be provided, as it will not have been possible to mark the tests and look at the profile of scores.


Step 9) Telephone feedback will be given within a few days.  The diagnostic assessment report will be provided by email within a maximum of 3 weeks of the assessment.